Many of the traffic safety groups focus on being proactive in mitigating local crashes and traffic safety concerns, with some of the groups focusing on how they can improve crash response practices. This is done a number of ways and may include conducting after action reviews (AAR) by coordinating first response efforts with everyone involved. Training opportunities for professionals involved with these teams include the SHRP2’s National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training Program.

SHRP2's National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training brings police, firefighters, DOT towing, medical personnel, and other incident responders together to engage in interactive, hands-on incident resolution exercises. Learning to coordinate response activities and optimize operations in the classroom is vital to responding effectively in the field and to building a unified national practice on incident management.

This SHRP2 Solution strengthens the incident management programs currently offered by response agencies and provides a common platform for training the responder community. Additionally, the training enhances quick clearance efforts and improves the safety of responders and motorists. Responders will learn firsthand new multiagency standards and best practices.

For more information on this program please review the video below.

To sign up for a training class in your region contact either Mr. Doug Allen OR Mr. Ted Shipley